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Video & Photography Production

Copyrights & Trademarks

Intellectual property management is critical in Church public affairs. Click here to view a video that illustrates the permissions that must be obtained when creating material.


The quality of a photo is often determined by the photographer’s proper use of lighting. The video below illustrates how to use natural and artificial light, as well as lighting features on your camera, to obtain just the right balance.


Still Photography

The Church relies on powerful images that portray its message: We follow Jesus Christ through our belief and actions. This video shows how to properly prepare to photograph an event.



Choosing the right equipment and using it properly is half the battle in videography. This video demonstrates how to use video equipment, how to video unexpected events, and how to shoot in preparation for editing.

Shooting News-style B-roll

Capturing video in the right style is important when shooting video for the Church, the media, and your own needs. This training video introduces proper B-roll production and offers tips on correct camera use.

Expandable for Closed Captioning


Interviews are important in capturing the different perspectives of a story and of those attending public affairs events. This video illustates placement of the microphone and camera, shot framing, and positioning of the interviewer and interviewee needed for a professional looking interview.

Expandable for Closed Captioning